In the War on Germs, We’re Your
First (and Last) Line of Defense

A wipe a day keeps the germs away.

Clean + Sanitize

Our wipes are tough enough for nearly every unsanitary situation. From sweaty workouts to sneezed-on hands, we’ve got you covered. Throw away your cleaning arsenal; this is the only wipe you’ll need.

Moisturize While You Clean

Most hand-sanitizers rely on alcohol to kill germs, drying out your skin in the process. But we want you to feel free to use wipe after wipe without harming hands and faces, so we removed the alcohol (but kept the strength). Then we took it a step further to infuse our wipes with moisturizing Aloe and Vitamin E. Sayonara germs; hello soft skin.

Better Than Anti-Bacterial

Antimicrobial means Softy wipes attack all microorganisms, not just bacteria. Our solution kills 99.9% of all germs within 15 seconds while wiping away dirt or filth. No water necessary.

Go Big or Go Home

Softy is larger, thicker and stronger than those other wipes. With more surface area covered, a single wipe is all you need for the filthiest of messes or grimiest of hands. And they’re tough on more than just dirt; tackle your pet’s muddy paws with the wipe that won’t rip.

Smell Clean, Not Chemically

Say goodbye to the nasty odor of traditional cleaning products, the medicinal stench of sanitizing gels, and the stickiness of most hand cleansers. With a light-as-a-feather citrus scent and feel, your skin will instantly smell fresh and breezy, no sticky residue required.

Ready To Clean Up?