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The secret to a cleaner world

Clean and Sanitize skin all with one wipe

The world
is a big
gross place.

Our hand sanitizing wipes pack a swift punch with a soft touch. You don't need harsh alcohol fumes to fight the nasties. Our extra large, silky smooth cloth wipes are easy on little faces and hands yet brutal on the yuckies.

The world
is a big
gross place.

The world is a big gross place.

The Anatomy of a
Softy Wipe

7" x 8"
Extra Large

  • Clean + Sanitize Skin
    Clean + Sanitize Skin

    All with one wipe

  • Kills 99.9% of germs
    Kills 99.9% of germs

    On skin in 15 seconds

  • Alcohol Free
    Alcohol Free

    Infused with vitamin E & aloe
    for extra moisturization

  • 7" x 8" Extra Large
    7" x 8"
    Extra Large

    One wipe goes a long way

  • Light citrus fresh scent
    Light citrus
    fresh scent

    Smell clean not chemically

  • Soft & Thick Quilted Fabric
    Soft & Thick
    Quilted Fabric

    For a plush pillowy feel

A wipe a day keeps the germs away

Strength of
a sailor.
Sensitivity of
a newborn.

From grubby hands to nasty sneezes, Softy is the ultimate secret to a cleaner world. Our wipes are bigger, stronger, and softer than other wipes out there. Softer on your skin and better smelling, too. Clean and sanitize all with one simple swipe!

A clean
message from
our CEO

A clean message from our CEO

I live my life by one very simple rule: “Anything worth doing is worth doing in a near-sterile environment.” Those are not empty words, mind you. Those words inspired me to create the greatest hand sanitizing wipe the world has ever known. A wipe so luxuriously soft yet unspeakably brutal on germs, capable of killing 99.9% of every microbe it touches.

I believe in this product. In fact, I had my assistant sanitize my hands with a Softy just before I sat down to write you this message. Of course, just to be safe, I wiped them down again myself because frankly I have no idea where my assistant has been.

So if you’ve ever stared at a person’s extended handshake and shuddered; if touching a bathroom door handle horrifies you; if children’s grimy little fingers cause you to recoil, fear not, my friends. Softy wipes are here to protect you.

Take my immaculate, surgically-scrubbed hand in yours, and together we can make the world a little less gross.

A clean message from our CEO

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