A message from our CEO

A Serious Message From Our CEO

People often ask me if I’m serious about cleanliness.  Well, let me answer that question with a question. Does this look like the face of a man who would tolerate so much as a hint of filth?

I assure you, it is not.

I live my life by one very simple rule: “Anything worth doing is worth doing in a near-sterile environment.” Those are not empty words, mind you. Those words inspired me to create the greatest hand sanitizing wipe the world has ever known. A wipe so luxuriously soft yet unspeakably brutal on germs, capable of killing 99.9% of every microbe it touches.

I believe in this product.  In fact, I had my assistant sanitize my hands with a Softy just before I sat down to write you this message.  Of course, just to be safe, I wiped them down again myself because frankly I have no idea where my assistant has been.

Am I a germaphobe? No, that would suggest I live in fear of germs. The way I see it, they should live in fear of me.

So if you’ve ever stared at a person's extended handshake and shuddered; if touching a bathroom door handle horrifies you; if children’s grimy little fingers cause you to recoil, fear not, my friends. Softy wipes are here to protect you.

Take my immaculate, surgically-scrubbed hand in yours, and together we can make the world a little less gross.

Tal Moore


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