A Serious Message from our CEO

10 Reasons You Should Date This San Diego CEO

    1. I’m an entrepreneur and, yes, I really do own a sanitizing wipes company. Rest assured, everything at my place is immaculately sterilized.
    2. I have a nicely shaped head, like a circle gently squeezed by a Thigh Master.
    3. I have an infectious laugh. It’s a cross between a chirping sparrow and the sound a cat makes just before it hacks up a hairball.
    4. I’m an early riser and fancy myself a breakfast cereal connoisseur.
    5. I’m aces at cooking. My idea of a great date- fresh flowers, candles, Bon Iver on low, a bottle of Barolo, organic field greens, and my world-famous pasta Bolognese. Or a bag of cheetos, whiskey, death metal, and a dartboard if that’s your thing. I’m totally open.
    6. I believe that chivalry should never die.
    7. My dance skills are marginal at best but I can sing a spirited off-key rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’.
    8. I am outgoing, lighthearted, and friendly. I can also be relentlessly focused and determined when I want something, but not in a silence of the lambs psycho kind of way.
    9. I dork out over a range of discussion topics including investing, personal growth, business, and celeb gossip on occasion (you do too, admit it).
    10. I promise to make you laugh at least once- if not with me, then at me. Guaranteed.


Let’s meet over drinks and do something fun together like give each other prison tattoos. I’ll bring the pen, a sewing needle, and a bic lighter. You bring a steady hand and a healthy imagination.



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