Shane Eats NYC

Dominique Ansel in Soho for legendary cronuts, DKA, frozen s’mores (Get there early, cronuts sell out fast. There's also a way to order cronuts in advance via Caviar or Doordash and set to pick up or delivery)


Magnolia bakery- eeevveryone goes for the cupcakes but the banana pudding is da real MVP


Big gay ice cream- order the off menu American Gangster, or the Salty Pimp. 


Momofuku milk bar- cereal ice cream, milk balls, cake


Morgenstern’s ice cream -Funky and unique flavors. Go to town on samples, just know the staff can get prickly if you go over 3 (I've tested their limits) 


Mah-ze-dahr bakery- the brioche donuts will make you believe in god. Also love the chocolate chip cookie. 


Breads Bakery Union Square- get the Babka.